So much taste, even in its choice..

New capsules l'espresso

Caffè Trombetta presents the express BIO: New biological selected coffee capsules with a new creamy texture and unique aroma to taste the best Italian espresso.

l’espresso capsules give maximum result with Caffè Trombetta coffee machines and are also compatible with Citiz, Pixies, Essenza, Lettissima, U and Maestria home coffee makers of the NESPRESSO®* brand.
l’espresso capsules are guarantee the absolute freshness of the coffee as they are individually wrapped in protected atmosphere. l’espresso capsules are available in three versions:
Le capsule l’espresso garantiscono l’assoluta freschezza del caffè perché sono confezionate singolarmente in atmosfera protettiva. L’espresso  capsules come in four references:

più crema: unique creaminess combined with an intense distinct aroma.
arabica: refined quality characterized by an unmistakably elegant aroma.
decaffeinato: a rich flavor and aroma but without caffeine.
Bio: rich and velvety taste aroma.



* brand not owned by Caffè Trombetta Spa or associated companies.