So much taste, even in its choice..

San Lorenzo Summer 2012

Summer’s arriving, it’s time for the nights of “San Lorenzo Estate”, the celebration that takes place in the district famous for its nightlife, among students, and artists and creators. And Caffè Trombetta will also be there – as well as an exhibition, a concert and a film projection, it will be giving all late-night revellers an opportunity to taste its coffee and to enjoy those magnificent summer nights to the full.

The historic coffee company has in fact reached an agreement with Rome’s District III Municipal Authority to supply coffee for all refreshment points throughout the event. For a good coffee is also an art form.

San Lorenzo Estate 2012: energetic enjoyable and vintage. The event in Rome’s historic district returns from Friday 1st June with culture, art, entertainment and services – free entry every day until 10th August. Young and vintage, committed and entertaining, lively and relaxing: this is San Lorenzo Estate 2012, the pulsing heart of a bygone Rome returns with all its freshness and popularity, with all its breathtaking power. A city that enjoys eating, drinking, laughter, watching films, listening to music... in other words living... after a day of work, study or at home, in a district that exudes history and avant-garde, modernity.