1890: Caffè Trombetta was created by Vittorio Trombetta; those were the early years of a unified Italy where railways were the main transportation. Vittorio Trombetta decided to open his business in Via Marsala, near the Termini train Station, the most important arrival point of travelers, in order to provide a welcome for those arriving in Italy’s Capital: the chance to enjoy a tasty and excellent coffee prepared according to the best Italian traditions.

Caffè Trombetta immediately became known for its quality, soon becoming not only a stopping point for travelers arriving in Rome by train but also for those living in the Capital City. Today, at the very same historic location, you can still stop by and have a taste of excellent espresso, and even purchase the best coffee blends of Caffè Trombetta.

Over the decades, the business grew, also taking advantage of the strong momentum of the post-war economic boom: the 1960s saw the arrival of Giorgio Trombetta, grandson of the founder, who created the current company structure and moved production to a modern factory in Pomezia at an industrial district located a few kilometers from Rome. Giorgio Trombetta is noted for his modern approach and entrepreneurial vision and was among the first to take advantage of the benefits of vacuum packaging.
 He had also founded Sao Cafè, a consortium that achieved success in the large-scale distribution market. Times have changed, but the strong passion for coffee has always remained the same, just like the respect for family traditions. In 1994, business interests.

Today, Caffè Trombetta S.p.A. is an important family-run industrial reality, a leading figure in coffee sales in Italy and in the major foreign markets throughout the world, thanks to a production capacity in its factories which exceeds 6,000 tons per year.
The production process is completely automated. An information system has also been developed and integrated into the production lines in order to clearly identify its lots and shipments, in accordance with current legal requirements and consumer safety. The company also earned a Quality System certificate pursuant to UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulations and has obtained IFS Certification to ensure food safety standards.